You want a successful, fulfilling relationship.

But no matter how hard you try, you still don't have one.


You're either single and frustrated or in an unsatisfactory relationship and frustrated.

You believe healthy partnerships exist, and you want one more than anything, but you can't figure out what you're missing.

You may have decided that there is something wrong with you and because of your deep flaw, you don't actually deserve a happy relationship.

Perhaps you should just settle.  I'm here to tell you that's wrong, and I'm living proof of what's possible.

 I spent years hiding, pretending and overcompensating for the fatal flaw I thought I had.

I wasn't entirely sure what it was, but I was convinced everyone else saw it. This fear of being exposed kept me closed, limited and believing I deserved the tiny breadcrumbs of love and attention I received.

Instead of looking at why I kept attracting partners who gave me less than I wanted, I went into overdrive, busting my ass to prove I was worth it. It was exhausting... and it didn't work.

What I didn't see at the time was that all of my focus was on THEM.

  • Why don't they make me feel important?
  • Why don't they put forth equal effort?
  • Why don't they care about my feelings?
  • Why don't they listen when I talk?
  • Why don't they do nice things for me?

Eventually I realized that if I wanted a happy relationship, I needed to focus on loving ME because nothing would change until I started there. I discovered my partners weren't treating me with respect because I didn't respect myself. They weren't open and available because I wasn't open and available. But with mindfulness, persistence and awareness, I learned how to be, and it has completely transformed my relationships.

If you don't feel valuable or loveable, no one can make up for that lack because you can't receive what doesn't already exist inside.

Healthy relationships start with YOU.



Emotional Cleanse for Healthier Relationships

Comprised of four power packed lessons designed to transform your mindset around relationships - it's ONE of the biggest steps you can take to Detoxing your Relationships. 

These are the a-ha's you need to "get your heart on straight" and learn to identify the issues where they are: in how you learned to relate to people - NOT some fatal flaw within you!

In this short course, you will begin to shift your ability to be emotionally available. It will set you up to be ready to change the relationship you have with yourself... because that's the path to a fulfilling relationship with someone else.

True change can only happen internally, and this course will start to point you in that direction.  Through daily videos and exercises you will gain new awareness about how you relate to people in relationships and how think about relationships to help you determine where the detoxing needs to happen.

You'll learn how to identify

  • What a healthy relationship is, and is not.
  • What your attachment style is and what that means for how you approach relationships.
  • The difference between love and attachment (the thing you've been mistaking for love all along)


You'll get...

  • A daily video with tools and insights for moving through the three phases of change:
    • Awareness—what you're doing and why it's working against you
    • Feelings—why they are so critical and how to stop disconnecting from them
    • Action—applying these tools to your daily life because change comes from doing
  • Exercises, worksheets, meditations, etc. to dig deeper and practice what you're learning so you develop healthier habits
  • Upon completion, a discount code for the 30-Day Emotional Cleanse so you can dive deeper to make the big  transformations 


"I recently started communicating with my guy differently, taking emotional risks and deciding that if he can’t handle it, it’s not a relationship I want. At first he didn’t do well with the ‘new’ me and I thought the end was near. To my surprise, however, he started communicating with me the same way that I had begun with him! I feel like we’ve crossed into some brave new world of transparent conversation that I did NOT expect, but am so happy about. So I just wanted to say thank you for all the free resources you provide, and to say that the Emotional Cleanse course is really great! I love the bite-sized chunks, and the exercises are just perfect. I have my little journal where I reflect on concepts from your podcast, so I've been doing the exercises from your course in there too. You're amazing, Tracy. You really have changed my whole way of relating to MYSELF."

— Michelle W.

"I love the concepts Tracy teaches, which speak to me and make a lot of sense. I know they have to be practiced and learned on an emotional level over and over, but I’m confident now that I have new tools I trust. I’m grateful to Tracy for providing these tools, and for the awareness I now have around my painful patterns that I didn’t know were part of my thinking for years."

Chrissy L.

The RELATIONSHIP DETOX is led by me, Tracy Crossley, a Behavioral Relationship Expert. My work centers on emotional connection—with ourselves and others—to help you get out of your head and uncover the belief system that drives your behavior. You will be dealing with your pain--the pain you have inside that you have tried avoiding. If you want to stop attracting pain in your relationships--you have to deal with your pain. As someone who struggled with insecure attachment issues for most of my life, I shares my experiences with equal parts empathy and humor. I have been there, and know how much is available to those who refuse to settle. The work I do has led hundreds of people to greater self-acceptance, emotional freedom and a more authentic life.


The clarity you'll get from this taste of my BIGGER course is priceless - being able to spot the problem for what, and where it is, cannot be overstated. It's the single biggest step you can take in transforming your relationships... for the price of about a week's worth of Starbucks runs.




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Commit to this program and you will:

  • Understand what you’re doing to cause your reality
  • Take responsibility for your choices, actions and beliefs
  • Realize you are not a victim and it’s not about the other person—it’s 100% about YOU
  • Empower yourself to change, grow, and take control of your life


Or keep doing what you've been doing all along and hope a magic solution comes along that will transform your relationships without you having to do anything different...

The choice really is yours.

RELATIONSHIP DETOX will help you change your perspective.

You deserve to feel empowered in your love life. You deserve to feel happy and fulfilled. You deserve to take control of the things you have the ability to change. And you are capable of all of it!

To be an authentic partner, be a more authentic you.


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