How Much Pain Are You In?

  1. Feel stuck in terms of overwhelming fear, anxiety, and/or avoidance in your love life. 
  2. Deathly afraid of abandonment and loss
  3. Anxiously attached to a person or completely avoidant in relationships—depends on the day.
  4. Cannot be emotionally intimate with another person
  5. Fear confrontation, although appear to be confrontational to others.
  6. Always choose unavailable people.
  7. Do not want to appear emotional or weak and needy.
  8. Cannot differentiate between intuition and fear.
  9. Cannot tell when to leave a relationship that is dysfunctional.
  10. Do you: People please, push down feelings, can't be vulnerable or share private thoughts, have angry outbursts from built-up feelings, play the victim, focus on others’ actions or lack of, look to others to make you happy with no concern for their own happiness? 
  11. You are a pro at giving the silent treatment or distancing from others in a puff of smoke, numb out rather than deal and/or distract yourself from dealing with pain and not taking accountability for your part.

Commit To Transforming Your Life and You Will Be HAPPY, CONFIDENT and THE BEST YOU!:

  • Decrease anxiety about relationships and understand how to have them in a healthy way.
  • Participate in a healthy relationship soon. 
  • Be happy regardless of the exterior happenstance.
  • Feel in tune with yourself and life.
  • Want to feel confident about what you want from a relationship. In other words know what you want. 
  • Become more adept at true emotional intimacy.
  • Be able to speak what is true in a relationship instead of shutting down in fear.
  • Stop dating emotionally unavailable people.
  • Find a way to have a deeper connection with true feelings in hopes to break your negative behavior patterns and move forward from being stuck. 
  • Strengthen relationships with others in order to maintain healthy relationships moving forward. 
  • Figure out what you really want in a current relationship. 
  • Find your tribe—live life to the fullest.
  • Be able to decrease the heaviness you carry around, learn your worth, practice self-love and be able to stop living out of fear.
  • Stop being a victim!

If you can’t let go of a dead or dysfunctional relationship, you’re afraid of being alone, or you’re so used to saying, “I am fine by myself!” … you are in a quagmire of FEAR. 

Screw that! 

You are born to be the kick ass authentic you–so let’s get started! 

Why Suffer One More Day?

What Do You Get When You Make This Investment in You?

  • 10 weeks of me and my team 
  • [6] one-hour group coaching calls on Zoom/FB Live with [3-4] hotseats per call
  • [4] moderated role-playing mandatory for all who join
  • Weekly non-moderated calls with your pod (2 groups of 4 or 3 groups of 4)
  • Accountability from Facebook group with mandatory posting 3 times a week by each member 
  • Weekly homework — either action/speaking-based or written. You will be held accountable by summarizing for the group what you’ve done.
  • Group interaction to posted questions on FB (on-going access to group after the program ends for 12 mos.)
  • Marco Polo group video chat

Want a tour? Here are some snippets on what you can expect in this program!

Expect to Empower Yourself and Grow With Conversation Topics Like:

  • What are boundaries and how to have them!
  • How to Change Beliefs Which Have You Stuck.
  • Taking Action + what it means!
  • How to truly love yourself.
  • Feeling Your Feelings (and roadblocks to feeling them)
  • Changing your Relationship to Anxiety
  • Selfish vs Self-absorbed and breaking the cycle.
  • Being vulnerable and reworking imposter syndrome
  • How to have ease (and stop making everything difficult)
  • Perfectionism and the obstacles it creates to happiness
  • Fearing pain: how to stop fear from controlling you and going for it!
  • Moving From Resistance to Surrender
  • Emotional Availability and Who You Attract
  • Speaking Your Truth
  • Assuming + Personalizing: How to stop!
  • Rescuer + Victim + Perpetrator = Drama (how to stop this dynamic in your relationships)
  • Irrational fears and why thinking about them changes nothing.
  • Fear of loss and stopping the cycle of self sabotage.
  • WTF is self-responsibility?
  • Fear of Intimacy + Upsetting the Apple Cart!

Still Unsure? Hear What These Former Members Have to Say

The Boost Your Confidence-Eliminate Anxiety and Be The Best You Program is led by me, Tracy Crossley, a Behavioral Relationship Expert, as well as my team of amazing coaches. My work centers on emotional connection—with ourselves and others—to help you get out of your head and uncover the belief system that drives your behavior. 

In this group, you will be dealing with your pain--the pain you’ve tried your best to avoid for a long time now. If you want to stop attracting pain in your love life (or the rest of your life too), you have to start by finally dealing with your pain. 

As someone who struggled with insecure attachment issues, breadcrumbing, ghosting and a host of other painful experiences for most of my life, I share my experiences with equal parts empathy and humor. 

I have been there, and I know how much is available to those who refuse to settle. The work I do has led thousands of people to greater self-acceptance, emotional freedom and a more authentic life.

Pricing Options

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Group Coaching Boot Camp

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Group Coaching Boot Camp

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You deserve to be happy. Confront your pain, break free of your insecurities, build confidence and change your life today!


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