Learn how to grow up and out of avoiding yourself and love.

Get Your Sh*t Together!

4 Hours With Potty Breaks

This is not a slapped together workshop so be sure you set aside a good amount of time to really get the most out of your time with me.

What is it?

This series of [4] four-hour online workshops in 2019 are meant to teach you the tools needed to elevate you to BE the coolest chick or dude!

Growing up emotionally is different than growing up chronologically, lots of people never make it to adulthood when it comes to emotions. 

In growing up, you will feel 1000 times better whether you are single or in a relationship, because you will be in the driver's seat of your life. Scarcity, and it's buddies that keep you settling, stuck and in pain disappear when it comes to having the tools to really grow yourself into a person you LOVE.

You are going to commit to LEARNING how to be in control of your own emotional state (no matter what is happening in your life) with an amazing sense of well-being! Life will not shake your shit up like it has been, feeling agonizingly attached to fear of staying, going or not engaging will not be your norm, if you employ the tools offered in these workshops.

[ONE] Workshop onSeptember 28th: Ditch Avoiding and Get Your Sh*t Together! Roadmap to being connected to yourself and others.

[TWO] Workshop on October 26th: Kick Anxiety's A** and Get Your Sh*t Together! Roadmap to Real Love

[THREE] Workshop on November 25th: The CourageTo Feel Your Real Feelings and Get Your Sh*t Together! Roadmap to true intimacy with yourself and others!

[FOUR] Workshop on November 14th: Let It Go, Really Let It Go and Get Your Sh*t Together! Roadmap to True Freedom!



Get Your Sh*t Together Online Workshop Series will improve all parts of your life! All. Parts. OF YOUR LIFE.

What to Expect In This Series

The Ability to get Your Sh*t Together and Feel In Control!

Time to MASTER Yourself Now!

[ONE] Workshop Tools

  • How To Stop Avoiding Yourself and Breakthrough Resistance To Make Strides Toward What You Really Want!
  • How To Stop Avoiding Real Connection and Learn Little Tweaks Toward Intimacy
  • How To Use The Roadmap To Be Vulnerable And Courageous with LOVE 

[TWO] Workshop Tools

  • How To Stop Being Codependent Because Of Anxiety And Gain A Sense Of Autonomy
  • How To Stop Letting Anxiety make Your Choices, And Be The Captain Of Your Own Life
  • How To Be In Control Of Your Anxiety, So You Can Be Calm And Feel Good

[THREE] Workshop Tools

  • How To Stop Being A Victim To Reactive Feelings And Become Your Own Happier Hero
  • Roadmap To Connect and Feel YOUR Real Feelings To Crush Feeling Bad
  • How To Break A Painful Pattern With Feelings and Surrender To The Moment To Have Miracles Every Day

[FOUR] Workshop Tools

  • Learn How to Let Go Of Past Hurt In Relationships And Feel Love and Connection Now
  • Learn How To Stop Holding onto People And See You Are Amazing No Matter What
  • Start to Let Go of Expectations and Outcomes And Be Open To Miracles And Surprises

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